Assa Chemical

Salih ZENGIN founded our leather company in 1920, and it has been in business for over 100 years. Acquiring innovations in production processes with the strength and understanding of quality achieved through technology over the years, the company has gained the qualifications it needs to respond to developing needs. The entrepreneurial spirit of Baki ZENGIN, Selami ZENGIN and Sedat ZENGIN has enabled the company to adapt to the production concept of our present day, and we continue to provide services with the experienced staff we have brought together.

Assa Kimya presents today’s technology to the Turkish market at the same time as the world, thanks to the products purchased from leading manufacturers and experienced technical staff. Our company, which moved to its new place in Gerede Leather Specialization OSB at the beginning of 2022, has started to provide custom crust leather production services to its customers with the retanning facility it has established, in addition to its leather chemicals marketing business. With the awareness of protecting and improving the environment, by recording the leather processing processes and all the operations with great care and discipline, thanks to our engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields; aimed to further increase the quality of products, inputs and activities by minimizing their impact on the environment.

Assa Kimya ve Deri Imalati has adopted the motto “Quality Deserves It.”

ReliableOur company, which has been serving in the sector since 2000, is meticulous about the information privacy of our customers.
QualityWe deliver your productions to high standards with our products and knowledge.
EnvironmentalistWe are aware of our responsibility on behalf of the planet we live on and the creatures of the whole world.

“We have advances in the production process and respond to changing needs thanks to the power and quality understanding provided by technology.”

Respectful to the Environment and People

As Assa Kimya, we place the theme of human and environment in the main skeleton of our operation. We show the necessary sensitivity in all areas under the standards of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management System.