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A product or service can always be found for a low price, but it should be recognized that quality is the cheapest of all in the medium and long run.
Assa Kimya
The process, which started with Saracin Salih's transfer to Tabaklik (Debbaglik) 4 generations ago in the Gerede district of Bolu, continues today under the name of Assa Kimya Ltd. Sti. The trading in leather chemicals and the manufacture of leather are two of our present businesses. We stride into the future with customer-focused service, excellent quality, constant improvement, and honesty as a guiding principle, based on our past confidence and reputation.
"We have advances in the production process and respond to changing needs thanks to the power and quality understanding provided by technology."
ReliableOur company, which has been serving in the sector since 2000, is meticulous about the information privacy of our customers.
QualityWe deliver your productions to high standards with our products and knowledge.
EnvironmentalistWe are aware of our responsibility on behalf of the planet we live on and the creatures of the whole world.
Raw leather is a type of leather made with special chemicals that can achieve the desired results in a variety of skins during the tanning process. It has unique applications in fur, clothing, shoes, lining, leathercraft and upholstery leather types.
  • +4500tAnnual Production Capacity
  • +100Years of Experience
  • +100Product Type
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Respectful to the Environment and People

As Assa Kimya, we place the theme of human and environment in the main skeleton of our operation. We show the necessary sensitivity in all areas under the standards of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management System.