Leather Chemicals
Our company has entered the leather chemicals marketing business as Gerede Dealer of Arba Kimya AS., the leading company in leather chemicals. We bring today's technology to our market at the same time as the world thanks to our products from leading manufacturers in the field and our quality technical staff. We are able to meet the needs of our customers in the fastest way. We can process all kinds of leather starting from raw leather to final product
Leather Manufacturing
“Our company, which moved to its new place in Gerede Leather Specialization OSB at the beginning of 2022, has started to provide custom crust leather production services to its customers with the retanning facility it has established, in addition to the marketing business of leather chemicals.”
Respectful to the Environment and People

As Assa Kimya, we place the theme of human and environment in the main skeleton of our operation. We show the necessary sensitivity in all areas under the standards of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management System.